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Directorate of Jihad Affairs Leads the Intellectual Fortification


The Directorate of Jihad Affairs at SUST, under the patronage of the vice chancellor, Prof. Rashid Ahmed Mohammed Hussein, organized a forum on fortification against extremism and exaggeration in religion. Director General of the Center for Research on the Intellectual Fortification and Guardianship, Dr. Ibrahim Noreen Ibrahim, stressed the importance of combating the phenomena of extremism and exaggeration in religion among the university students through university lectures. He acknowledged the spread of extremism and atheism among students, indicating that they have preached more than one hundred students and brought them back on the right path.
The principal, Dr. Abbass Mousa Yacoub, said that extremism and exaggeration in religion are two foreign phenomena introduced into the Sudanese society and we must all stand in one trench to combat such phenomena.